The “All Together!” Civic Movement began operation in Ukraine in summer 2012 at the initiative of journalist and social activist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Movement’s first large-scale event, social festival “All Together” on Khreshchatyk in Kyiv took place on October 2 of the same year. Since then, the movement has been growing and expanding its activity. In order to explain the tasks and goals of “All Together!”, we present short a F.A.Q. list, which should help all participating organizations and other interested people understand and join the movement:

What is “All Together!” Movement?
— association of civic organizations and social initiatives;
— platform and infrastructure for socially beneficial initiatives;
— resource center for partner organizations;
— analytical center.

Why do we need the “All Together!” Movement?

Ukraine already has a great number of active civic organizations or private initiatives. The “All Together” Movement appreciates the work of all such organizations or informal communities.

In turn, “All Together!” exists in order to, with the help of its partner organizations, achieve the following:
— to provide methodological, creative, information, and legal assistance to organizations participating in the movement;
— to organize seminars, training sessions, and workshops on the subject of civic activism;
— to help each other in organizing social events;
— to create products for mass media;
— to protect the interests of participating organizations;
— to participate in decision-making on local and national government levels;
— to make joint appeals to the authorities and civil society institutions;
— to engage in dialogue with national, public, and religious organizations, unions, and funds, as well as cultural and political activists in Ukraine and abroad.

The Movement is based on partnership. By taking part in “All together!”, an organization becomes both an object and subject of assistance. It is a voluntary informal association of organizations and initiatives. At the same time, “All Together!” is an attempt to form a single loud voice of people and organizations standing for the same values.

Our common base is Christian values. Our common goal is to build a healthy civil society. All of this is achieved exclusively through joint effort by the movement’s participants.


Safe Society
— counteracting crime and corruption;
— just courts;
— decent education;
— socially responsible mass media.

Family Values
— strong marriage without divorce;
— responsible parenting – in the interest of adequate development of the children.

Religious Freedom
— defending the right of believers to promote their views freely and openly;
— increasing the role of the church and the authority of the Holy Scripture in public processes;
— introducing a “Christian ethics” course in schools;
— popularizing behavior norms, which correspond to Christian ethics.

Robust Health
— high-quality medicine and health-care;
— realization of sports programs;
— opposition to smoking, alcohol, and drugs;
— preventive measures against HIV/AIDS.

— humanitarian aid;
— raising funds for medical treatment;
— physical assistance to the disabled;
— feeding the homeless;
— free legal aid for low-income people.

If you or your organization is working in any of the aforementioned directions, we would be happy to assist. If you are in agreement with our priorities, please contact us, so that we can discuss details regarding cooperation format.
vsirazom (at)


«И будут расти между травою, как ивы при потоках вод» (Исаия 44:4).
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