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MANDATE. Learn your powers. Fulfill your calling

Published in April 2013 Ruslan Kukharchuk’s second 160-page book Mandate. Learn Your Powers. Fulfill Your Calling addresses the following questions:

What is the calling?
How do I figure it out?
Who is in charge of my destiny?
What is that something that I should get involved with as a young person so I don’t regret it when I’m old?
Why is it that my friends have achieved so much and I seem to have stuck in the same place?
What powers do I have in making life decisions?
How are roles and responsibilities allocated between God and man?
What do I do when unforeseen events are ruining my plans?

“These are fair and right questions. Virtually everybody asks them, but not everyone finds the courage to find answers to them. Still there is a different category of people. They don’t relent until they find the truth, figure out the patterns, learn the spiritual laws, work out their calling, find out their powers and hear from God. This book is for such as these!” — says Ruslan in his own description of the work.



Reviews by first readers

“The topic of a person’s life destiny has been addressed by theological writers at all times. Madate focuses on the same topic, however, its author is not a cleric but a Christian journalist. That is why it is marked by a popular style and graphic illustrations. Still, author’s personal study of the Holy Scriptures as well as his work and ministry experience make the foundation for these reflections. I hope reading Ruslan Kukharchuk’s book will help the seeking to find out their life destiny.” – Grigoriy KOMENDANT, President of Ukrainian Bible Society.

“They say the most important day in life is the day of your spiritual rebirth. I absolutely agree with that. There is still another important day, and that is when you find out what you’ve been created for. That day becomes a turning point; it gives you meaning in life and a reason for getting filled with God on a regular basis. Ruslan is brilliant at leading every reader to this amazing discovery! And let us not forget: God is equally interested in what’s happening on earth – in the lives of people – and in Heaven.” – Steve WEBER, President of Emmanuel Association (CBN-CIS)

“I think Ruslan’s book is well-timed and topical. What stood out to me the most is not just his brilliant explanation of what is the calling, but also how he goes further on to showing specific steps towards understanding who you are in order to realize your potential to the fullest. I am confident that after reading this book each of us will reconsider how they view life, carry out an audit of your heart – so to speak – to start out on a wonderful journey towards the heights that God is calling everyone of us.” Sergey VELBOVETS, President of InVictory Media Group. 

A picture story of MANDATE presentation.



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  • Ruslan Kukharchuk – a journalist, media manager, social leader, and preacher.
  • Involved in journalism since 2000 – journalist and column editor of a local newspaper Chornomorets (Skadovsk, Kherson region). Since April 2003 – managing editor of All-Ukrainian Christian newspaper KAMEN' Kraeugolniy (The Cornerstone).
  • In 2004 takes the lead in establishing the Association of Journalists, Publishers, and Broadcasters Novomedia and becomes its president. Since 2011 serves as a steering committee chair of the International Novomedia Forum.
  • In September 2003 holds a public action against LGBT procession in Kyiv and succeeded. Since then a far-reaching movement with the above said name has grown and developed in Ukraine as well as abroad.
  • In the summer of 2010 passed the leadership of both LAH movement and the above said steering committee. Assumed the leadership of the civic movement All Together.
  • Over the years works for a number of Ukrainian TV channels, printed and electronic media as a reporter, parliamentary correspondent, anchor, copy editor, managing editor (TV channels НТН (NTN), CBN-CIS, ТВi (TVi), CITI (CITY); newspapers Stolichnie Novosti (Metropolitan News), Delovaya Nedelya (Business Week); news website www.mignews.com.ua, etc.).
  • Owns several web resources: information portal Vse Novosti (All News), website NHM – Novosti Khristianskogo Mira (CWN – Christian World News), music blog journal mBlog.
  • Public speaker and trainer. Teaches journalism, teleproduction, media management, mass communications, and PR in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Possesses degrees in Journalism, Directing, and Theology.
  • Author of the book Desyatka (Bullseye).
  • Born in Ordzhonikidze (Dnepropetrovsk region), raised in Skadovsk (Kherson region), resides in Kyiv.