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Novomedia Association Study project –The New Journalist School

The idea to start this kind of projectemerged back in 2010. Inthe spring of 2011 we started active preparations for The New Journalist School and, by the fall of the same year we were celebrating the launching of our project. We still have very warm memories of our first group of students.

Novomedia Association runs this school twice a year – in the spring and fall. Anybody who wishes to improve their journalistic skillscan become a student of our school. Our oldest graduate was 73 and our youngest – 16.

Attheendoftheschoolallofourstudentsgettest assignments. There is also homework that is obligatory. These two parts of our school are a “must do” for every student to receive a certificate of completion of The New Journalist School.

Our team singled out five main characteristics of The New Journalist School
All of our speakers are professionals with many years of field experience in journalism and media. We also invite chief editors, media managers, and specialists in corporate and custom press, profile lawyers and heads of PR-departmentsas our speakers.
There are no boring or monotonous lectures at our school. All of our speakers have great sense of humor and extraordinary teaching methods. More so, they are easy to communicate with and are open to any questions students may have, even if they ask for their phone number or to have coffee and talk at a coffee break.

Homework and practical training
Almost every topic has a practical training part to it. Students are learning to look for ideas for news writing, to give and take interviews, to ask questions at the press-conferences, to come up with headlines for their articles and many more. Every lecture is being followed by the must-do homework assignments. Students also have to read several very useful books in the area of journalism.

Maximum for minimum
In two month study timecovered by different speakers students have over twenty topics, amongst which are the following: journalism genres, secrets of good writing, most common mistakes made in writing, journalist investigation and impersonation, editing tips, legal aspects of the work of journalist. Students will also learn about particulars of the corporate and custom press, web-journalism. We also cover religious topics in secular media because we consider this topic as very important and relevant.
The price for this school is pretty much symbolic, because other journalism schools are much more expensive to study at.

Why do churches need to send their media staff to such training?
Speakers and coordinators are trying to stay in touch with most of our graduates. We are aware of what is happening in the professional life of our students, rejoice over their success and help when they need it. This kind of relationships and partnership is also a peculiarity of The New Journalist School.

The New Journalist Manual
As a part of this school, we developed a unique Manual “New Journalist: how to master media business”. Our first edition of 1,000 copies was instantly distributed between media university students, those working in the media industry, media centers.
This Manual covers 18 important topics and is done in user-friendly manner, has little theory and lots of practical information based on theexperience of its nine authors. It cover sall the basics of journalism.

Web site — NewJ.info

  • Ruslan Kukharchuk – a journalist, media manager, social leader, and preacher.
  • Involved in journalism since 2000 – journalist and column editor of a local newspaper Chornomorets (Skadovsk, Kherson region). Since April 2003 – managing editor of All-Ukrainian Christian newspaper KAMEN' Kraeugolniy (The Cornerstone).
  • In 2004 takes the lead in establishing the Association of Journalists, Publishers, and Broadcasters Novomedia and becomes its president. Since 2011 serves as a steering committee chair of the International Novomedia Forum.
  • In September 2003 holds a public action against LGBT procession in Kyiv and succeeded. Since then a far-reaching movement with the above said name has grown and developed in Ukraine as well as abroad.
  • In the summer of 2010 passed the leadership of both LAH movement and the above said steering committee. Assumed the leadership of the civic movement All Together.
  • Over the years works for a number of Ukrainian TV channels, printed and electronic media as a reporter, parliamentary correspondent, anchor, copy editor, managing editor (TV channels НТН (NTN), CBN-CIS, ТВi (TVi), CITI (CITY); newspapers Stolichnie Novosti (Metropolitan News), Delovaya Nedelya (Business Week); news website www.mignews.com.ua, etc.).
  • Owns several web resources: information portal Vse Novosti (All News), website NHM – Novosti Khristianskogo Mira (CWN – Christian World News), music blog journal mBlog.
  • Public speaker and trainer. Teaches journalism, teleproduction, media management, mass communications, and PR in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Possesses degrees in Journalism, Directing, and Theology.
  • Author of the book Desyatka (Bullseye).
  • Born in Ordzhonikidze (Dnepropetrovsk region), raised in Skadovsk (Kherson region), resides in Kyiv.