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gArdin cEnter. Comprehensive Media Service

gArdin cEnter is an association of professional from various branches of mass communications. All of them are self-sufficient specialists, but here they work together. The keyword of gArdin cEnter is CREATE! Here, people generate and implement new ideas.

Comprehensive solutions are the requirement of modern information society. This is why gArdin cEnter offers precisely this kind of service. It’s a one-stop shop for a multitude of services! All of the projects are carried out under the supervision of Ruslan Kukharchuk, journalist and experienced media-manager.


We write most excellent texts. Professional journalists, philologists, and mass communication theory specialists will perform this task for you. When we create texts, we strive to make them both informative and interesting, taking into account recommendations and wishes of the customer. Forget about your text fears – commission one of our writers!

Presentations, conferences, corporate events, production, official meetings… All of this needs to be photographed using the best equipment and from the best camera angles. Our aim is to make you look perfect! Our photographers will do their best! You can use these photos for press, for your website, corporate publications or presentations.

We have seasoned specialists taking care of this type of work, with many years of experience on television; editors, journalists, operators, producers, and montage specialists. We use our own equipment to give you the desired final product.

Design and Layout
Our group of experienced designers will provide you with innovative solutions. We do not limit ourselves to creating layouts; we also prepare them for print. If you need a website designed, we will not only create it, but also submit it to you in a format ready to install. Please use our service for any of your designing needs.

Periodicals and Polygraphy
We offer a complete cycle of printing services. We perform professional pre-print processing for any types of print. We will also advise you how to optimize the price and quality of your desired print, help you select materials, and offer you other solutions based on our experience.

Optical Media Storage: CD/CD-R and DVD/DVD-R
We offer a full range of services associated with optical storage:
• Disk branding;
• Industrial replication;
• Brand licensing.

Press Events
We specialize in organizing events involving press participation. We offer a full range of services associated with such events, e.g. preparing announcements, press-releases, producing press packets, conference hall rentals, press discussion moderation. After the event, we can monitor mass media and provide our customers with a summary of the results.

Consulting and training
We are ready to share our experience with your organization. Our specialists have already held a large number of training sessions and workshops in various regions of Ukraine and Russia. We teach and advise on the following topics:
— establishing connections and cooperating with local and national media;
— communicating with journalists;
— establishing a press service;
— Public Relations (PR): content and form;
— anti-crisis PR;
— information wars;
— mass communications;
— rules of public speaking.

gArdin cEnter clients include both small firms and large companies, public organizations and charities, religious organizations, as well as political structures.

We can make famous and reputable you and your:
— organization;
— trademark;
— people;
— ideas.

Detailed information is available at www.gardin.com.ua
Feel free to contact us at: info@gardin.com.ua

  • Ruslan Kukharchuk – a journalist, media manager, social leader, and preacher.
  • Involved in journalism since 2000 – journalist and column editor of a local newspaper Chornomorets (Skadovsk, Kherson region). Since April 2003 – managing editor of All-Ukrainian Christian newspaper KAMEN' Kraeugolniy (The Cornerstone).
  • In 2004 takes the lead in establishing the Association of Journalists, Publishers, and Broadcasters Novomedia and becomes its president. Since 2011 serves as a steering committee chair of the International Novomedia Forum.
  • In September 2003 holds a public action against LGBT procession in Kyiv and succeeded. Since then a far-reaching movement with the above said name has grown and developed in Ukraine as well as abroad.
  • In the summer of 2010 passed the leadership of both LAH movement and the above said steering committee. Assumed the leadership of the civic movement All Together.
  • Over the years works for a number of Ukrainian TV channels, printed and electronic media as a reporter, parliamentary correspondent, anchor, copy editor, managing editor (TV channels НТН (NTN), CBN-CIS, ТВi (TVi), CITI (CITY); newspapers Stolichnie Novosti (Metropolitan News), Delovaya Nedelya (Business Week); news website www.mignews.com.ua, etc.).
  • Owns several web resources: information portal Vse Novosti (All News), website NHM – Novosti Khristianskogo Mira (CWN – Christian World News), music blog journal mBlog.
  • Public speaker and trainer. Teaches journalism, teleproduction, media management, mass communications, and PR in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Possesses degrees in Journalism, Directing, and Theology.
  • Author of the book Desyatka (Bullseye).
  • Born in Ordzhonikidze (Dnepropetrovsk region), raised in Skadovsk (Kherson region), resides in Kyiv.