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Novomedia Association Study project –The New Journalist School

The idea to start this kind of projectemerged back in 2010. Inthe spring of 2011 we started active preparations for The New Journalist School and, by the fall of the same year we were celebrating the launching of our project. We still have very warm memories of our first group of students. Novomedia Association runs […]

INTERESNOOO – Журнал для всей семьи

Концепцию журнала INTERESNOOO Руслан Кухарчук придумал в августе 2013 года во время скучной поездки в поезде «Симферополь – Киев». Вернувшись домой, он сразу приступил к процессу оформления концепции на бумаге. При этом предварительно провел детальный мониторинг схожих сайтов в национальном и международно сегменте Интернета. Уже в сентябре было зарегистрировано доменное имя www.interesnooo.com и сразу же началась разработка […]

“Novomedia” – Association of Journalists

The Novomedia Association is a non-profit journalist organization. It was founded in 2004 at the initiative of journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The organization unites journalists and other creative workers in the field of mass media, who are Christians of various denominations. Thus, Novomedia is an association of people based on spiritual unity and professional interests. At […]

International Novomedia Forum

The Novomedia Assosiation’s biggest project to date is International Novomedia Forum in Kyiv. This is a platform for professionals in the sphere of mass media to communicate with each other, as well as a platform for developing a large media sector, specializing in pro-Christian and social topics. The Forum opens for three days to welcome representatives […]

“All Together!” Civic Movement

The “All Together!” Civic Movement began operation in Ukraine in summer 2012 at the initiative of journalist and social activist Ruslan Kukharchuk. The Movement’s first large-scale event, social festival “All Together” on Khreshchatyk in Kyiv took place on October 2 of the same year. Since then, the movement has been growing and expanding its activity. […]

LAH Civic Movement

Civic movement “Love against Homosexuality” (LAH) began forming in Ukraine in 2003. The first public action took place on September 21, 2003. A group of concerned people met on the Kyiv central square in order to tell the people all the truth about homosexuality and prevent the planned gay-parade scheduled for the same day. Participants of […]

“All News” – VseNovosti.in.ua – News, Blog, and Analytics Portal

Back in 2009, Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kukharchuk decided to launch a new original media project in the news and analytical journalism segment. In February 2010, the resource’s concept and design was finalized. Careful work on programming continued until May 5, 2010, when the new media project was presented to the general public. It was named […]

NCW – ProChurch.info – News of the Christian World. Information Agency

NCW is one of the oldest religious news agencies in the Russian-language segment of the Internet. First posts by NCW were published back in 2004. Since then, the site has changed its design and concept three times. The project was authored by Ruslan Kukharchuk, with technical support from Denis Semenyuk. Thanks to this online newspaper, […]

mBlog.su – First-Person Perspective on the Music World

In Fall 2010, Ruslan Kukharchuk launched a themed web-journal for people interested in music. The slogan of the mBlog.su website is “First-Person Perspective on the Music World”. Any musician, solo performer, band, DJ or producer can create a profile on this site in order to inform their fans about their creative or personal life. Musician […]

gArdin cEnter. Comprehensive Media Service

gArdin cEnter is an association of professional from various branches of mass communications. All of them are self-sufficient specialists, but here they work together. The keyword of gArdin cEnter is CREATE! Here, people generate and implement new ideas. Comprehensive solutions are the requirement of modern information society. This is why gArdin cEnter offers precisely this […]